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Accountant Pete
Oct 27, 2020
In The Circuit - Bruce
My favourite album of the 21st century is Magic. I have accepted the overproduction on it, but now listening to Letter to You this overproduction on Magic is more evident than ever. To the extent that for the first time it affected my enjoyment. I hope this does not last! I still think Girls in Their Summer Clothes and Long Walk Home deserve 10 out of 10 as songs but how I wish they has been recorded "live" as in Letter to You.
Accountant Pete
Sep 04, 2020
In Speedball by you
A thread for English club football. NOT just the Premier League but all the way from top to bottom from leagues to cups and both the male and female game.
Accountant Pete
Sep 01, 2020
In Hunter Of Visible Game
Bruce is a great storyteller, but can we create a story from his lyrics. A line or a few consecutive words. You can add a/and/the to help keep things rolling on. I'll make an obvious start. I wake up in the morning
Accountant Pete
Aug 31, 2020
In The Circuit - Bruce
Time to really narrow down our favourite Bruce songs by choosing from each decade. Decade decided by official release date of an album for example. Difficult for me for the majority of the decades apart from the 1990s when I had to consider only one album. So: 1970s Jungleland 1980s Independence Day 1990s Across the Border 2000s Long Walk Home 2010s Moonlight Motel