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Sep 23, 2022
In I don't wanna go home
I sent a message to Steve as I saw his name on the GL Board, asking how he was ... he'd been very ill lately although seemed to be improving. He had talked about his illness on the Circuit and in private messages as he wanted to let folk know what was happening ... he didn't want to just 'disappear' without anyone knowing why. His daughter replied with the sad news that Steve died on 12th September - his family thought he was getting better, too. As you can imagine, they're still very shocked but wanted to let his friends know. I put a couple of threads up over there and his wife and daughter have been very moved by the comments. Today, his daughter asked if I knew Berlin Tramp as that's one of the names Steve's wife remembers him mentioning. They'd like Berlin Tramp and any others who knew or remember him to know about his passing.
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