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Letter to you
In The Circuit - Bruce
Oct 16, 2020
Like many of you I couldn't help myself, I intended to wait for the official release but well here we are lol. Gonna buy it anyway so what's the harm. Maybe they'll learn from this and just drop the new album when it's done next time around - I bet that would create more of a buzz these days. Anyway - very good album! Spoilers ahead. Top 3: Burnin' Train, Ghosts, Priest - no surprise that I like the songs that need to be played loud the most. Blast those speakers - it's what they're there for. Have to say that I don't like One Minute You're Here and Letter To You as the first two songs. The intro and outro of Letter To You are longer than on the Youtube video and that's good cause it works better this way. Love the added guitar at the 7 second mark! Nice little touch. They're both solid songs but nothing more than that. I think it would have been a better choice to open with Burnin' Train. Now that's a song! The build up during the first 30 seconds is ace. Come out swinging and open the album with this one! Turn it all the way up when you listen to that one for the first time. The 3 old songs sound great, I was a bit worried about that but it's very well done. If I Was The Priest - Favorite one of the three. Just wow. Love it when the band kicks in! Janey Needs A Shooter - My favorite part of the '78 version was the way he sang 'only through his stethoscope' - it's a bit different now which is a bit of a bummer for me. But overall a great version. Love the harmonica! Song for Orphans -  I liked the performance on the Trenton archive release but I prefer this version. 'Least favorite' of the three but still very well done. Last Man Standing, Power of Prayer, 1000 Guitars are all good. Rainmaker still has to click for me I think.  Ghosts kicks ass, love that one. I'll See You In My Dreams is a nice way to close a great album. After Western Stars another very good release. I'll be listening to this one a lot. Since they can't tour for a while they should give this one the Darkness Paramount '09 treatment and just play the whole thing live and release it. We can't go to the show so bring the show to us.  Thumbs up from me!
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In The Circuit - Bruce
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In The Circuit - Bruce
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In The Circuit - Bruce
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