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Hello Lakers. I guess we‘re still Lakers.

BillyB here. I’m not clever enough to come up with a new moniker. Anyway, I was a fairly long time GLer before being banned for excessive Smiley use and ‘stalking’. The stalking came about because I reported the same ‘illegal’ political post twice. Of course the post was by a Mod and I know they really hate being called on their hypocrisy. So I was deemed an angry posting, smiley using stalker and banned for life.

On a personal note...a bit before being banned I became a Grandpa. That’s my little Maddie in my profile pic.

I hope politics and the weighty issues of the world can be discussed here eventually. There’s no reason we can’t have adult discussion without getting carried away...some angry posts may occur, that’s only natural, but being nasty to one another doesn’t need to happen. IMO of course.

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