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Forum Rules

These are the rules that regulate the dialogue in the forum:

Rules & Guidelines

Across the border takes pride in being a friendly community where members can post their thoughts and opinions without fear of being scolded and demeaned and, in the same way, without being gratuitously censored. 

Basic guidelines:

Hate and abuse

Posts that include hateful, harassing, abusive, bullying, racist, demeaning, threatening and otherwise offensive content or intent toward individuals or groups of individuals - be it members of the community, members of other communities, celebrities, politicians, or anyone else - are not allowed.


Posts with an excessive use of foul language are not allowed and could be deleted. Also, this is an English-speaking community, so we kindly ask you to stick to that.


Complaints about other members will be sent privately to any of the moderators. The decisions made by the moderators and administrators can be questioned publicly (always with respect) in a specific section that will be enabled in the forum. This is an important characteristic for us, obviously the work of those who "control" has to be controlled as well. This forum belongs to everyone. Not a few members with the control to moderate.



Trolling in a hurtful or disproportionate manner is not allowed. Now, harmless jokes will be allowed. Common sense, please ;)



Threads are created to address a topic. With the logical deviations that a conversation can have regarding the initial topic, try to stick to it.



Also, do not harass forum members. If you do so and the affected person transmits their situation privately to a moderator, you could be sanctioned or temporarily blocked.


Illegal content

This is a complicated subject. While we carefully analyze what can and cannot be done, try not to put illegal content on the forum, as it could harm the entire community.

Ticket scalping

As a general rule, don't do business with Bruce here. Clearly indicate the prices of what you want to sell.



Make yourself comfortable, smugglers.


Freedom of speech

I think we all escaped from another place because of the abuse that happened. The forum belongs to everyone. Freedom of expression will always prevail. Small penalties and warnings will also be preferable to permanent locks. We will not make the same mistakes.


Although you cannot put limits to the sea, it is preferable that you have a single user profile. This is in development, but it will be tried that the same administrators have a separate account as user and as administrator (this second account always under certain control of the community) to prevent any abuse.


Lying about yourself

Don't be like Bruce adding height to his driver's license and try to be honest about yourself.


Leaving the community

Right now, we honestly don't know how you can directly delete your account. Until this is fixed, if you want to remove it, contact an administrator.



We are subject to the strict data protection laws of the European Union. You are safe with us. All information here: Data protection | European Commission

Other Content

Where relevant, the above rules also apply to the community's built-in private message feature and all profile content, such as avatars, signatures, and status updates.



The only job of the administrators and moderators is that everything works well and is a pleasant place for you and everyone. Its lines of action will be defined soon in the forum.

Be happy!

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